Derbyshire goodness is crammed into every generous dish at The Peacock. 
We use the best local produce the county can provide - and nurture it to it's fullest flavour and goodness. Uncomplicated, patriotic comfort food is our game and our chefs strive to ensure simple is always sensational.

Fancy frills and flounces are kept to a minimum. We see no point in gilding the lily (or that glistening rack of Chatsworth lamb).

We give you glorious breakfasts and brunches to set you up for the day - fresh from the farm eggs, locally-cured bacon, hand-crafted sausages and vegetarian options so beautiful meat-eaters will want to fight you for them.

Our stupendous Sunday roasts satisfy the soul and belly. Melting sirloin of Derbyshire beef comes with stove-top gravy simmered to shimmering richness. Lunch and dinner menus burst with boastful specials inspired by the season’s latest and countryside favourites galore - think slow-cooked lamb shank and golden, hand-crafted pies like your granny (or grandad) used to make and desserts that even the fullest tummies will find room for.

Our dining ethos is as fuss-free as our food. Eat when you want, where you want. Savour our food in unhurried fashion and nurse your pint at your own pace. Please note that we operate a no reservation policy:

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A pub’s reputation should be founded on the quality of its beer - and in this era of real ale renaissance, the variety on tap and shelf. Here at the Peacock at Barlow, we are taking that to the next level. For us, it’s not only about garnering great new brews from niche producers and our landlord’s skill in keeping - and pouring - the perfect pint. We are proud brewers, too. We are showing our commitment to quality, individuality and keeping things intensely local by creating our own brewhouse and our own-recipe ales. The Collyfobble Brewery will brew on the premises and our uniquely-flavoured own-label pale ales, stouts and bitters will be crafted from the finest hops, malted barley and crystal-clear Derbyshire water.

Find owt more at www.collyfobblebrewery.com