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The finest things in life don't have to be lavish. Sometimes, they are the simplest and the most familiar... A crackling log fire and an easy chair. A mellow pint, a glass of ruby-red. Food you remember long, long after it was savoured. A place where you feel cosseted, yet instantly at home.

If we've just described your perfect English country pub, step inside ours. A hostelry that makes your lungs crumple with a sigh of contentment as you cross the threshold, we truly believe The Peacock at Barlow will be your favourite retreat.

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Our careful reinvention of a village pub which has stood and served for centuries respectfully doffs its cap to heritage and tradition, yet adds a rich and sumptuous sophistication.

At the Peacock at Barlow you will discover all the essentials of 21st Century inn-keeping - excellent customer service and a total commitment to quality - blended with warmth and luxury, muted shades and textures from the natural landscape, wool, stone and timber in greys and heathers, enriched with the jewel tones of our brand’s proud emblem, the quill, from a peacock’s feather.

We bring you superb local beers, wonderful wines, hand-selected artisan spirits and food crafted from quality produce that is so local some of it was reared or grown, literally on our doorstep. All lovingly wrapped in that comforting familiarity which made the great pubs of yesteryear home-from-home and where we are very proud to say our most stunning decorative feature will always be the magnificent views of Derbyshire through our windows.

Gift Vouchers...

We sell gift vouchers of any amount which can be used against anything here at The Peacock including food, drinks, accommodation and the brewery, etc.

You can pop in and buy a professionally printed voucher any time we are open or call us and we can take payment over the phone and either email or post out to you.

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