As if you need an excuse to be a regular at The Peacock at Barlow...

Apart from the outstanding views of the beautiful Derbyshire countryside there is always something happening at the pub and you should have no excuse for coming down and getting involved and joining the social scene. The 'local Pub' has been at the heart of any community for nigh on 300 years and we are no different and actively do everything we can to be a pillar of the community. Take advantage of our beautiful location, we are setting up cycling, walking and dog walking groups and will soon be introducing a weekly pub quiz night and other tradtional events.

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A pub’s reputation should be founded on the quality of its beer - and in this era of real ale renaissance, the variety on tap and shelf. Here at the Peacock at Barlow, we are taking that to the next level. For us, it’s not only about garnering great new brews from niche producers and our landlord’s skill in keeping - and pouring - the perfect pint. We are proud brewers, too. We are showing our commitment to quality, individuality and keeping things intensely local by creating our own brewhouse and our own-recipe ales. The Collyfobble Brewery will brew on the premises and our uniquely-flavoured own-label pale ales, stouts and bitters will be crafted from the finest hops, malted barley and crystal-clear Derbyshire water.

Find owt more at www.collyfobblebrewery.com